Lucy of Syracuse


saint lucy
Saint Lucia by Mary Macarthur of the Catholic Illustrators Guild.

Saint Lucy was born into a rich noble Roman family. At a very young age she lost her father who was a Christian. Lucy was left behind with a huge dowry. Lucy’s mother wanted Lucy to marry a rich pagan man. Lucy did not want to marry him. Lucy asked her mother to distribute the dowry among the poor. Her mother did not agree.

St Lucy was also well known for her beautiful eyes. It was said that her eyes radiated her love for Christ. The pagan man who was proposed to marry Lucy, wanted Lucy’s beautiful eyes. Lucy gifted her eyes to the pagan man, and asked him to leave her alone. God restored her eyes and this is why she became the patron saint for people who are blind and with eye problems.

As a young teenager, Lucy had already consecrated her virginity and life to God. She was zealously working in the service of God helping the poor. In addition she helped her fellow Christians hiding in the dark underground catacombs who were at risk of suffering persecution. She would wear a wreath of candles on her head to find her way in the dark, as her hands were full of food and drink for the people.

Lucy’s mother became very ill from a bleeding problem. She had tried many treatments, but failed. Lucy then asked her mother to accompany her to Saint Agatha’s shrine where they both prayed all night. Due to exhaustion, they both fell asleep near St. Agatha’s tomb. St. Agatha had appeared to Lucy in a dream and gave her the good news that her mother was healed. Saint Agatha further informed Lucy that she will be the glory of Syracuse – the city where Saint Lucy lived. Lucy’s mother convinced with her miracle cure, then complied with Lucy’s request to distribute their wealth among the poor.

The Pagan man proposed to Lucy was furious when he heard the news. He decided to destroy Lucy’s life denouncing her as a Christian to the Governor of Syracuse, Sicily. That was a time where many Christians were persecuted for their faith. The governor sent his guards to forcibly take Lucy to a brothel house and then insult her in public. When the soldiers came to take her, Lucy was filled with the Holy Spirit that she could not be moved. They claimed that she was heavier than a mountain. When the Governor questioned her as to how she could stay strong, she claimed that it was the power of Jesus her Lord and God. Finally they tortured Lucy to death and she died as a martyr.



On this day, lift before God:

  • all those suffering with eye diseases, longing for healing.
  • all those longing to train the eyes of their souls, through which they can know God and recognise God’s love for us .
  • all who are in danger of losing their eyes this day.
  • all who live in a world not defined by sight, that we may learn other ways to appreciate all God’s creation alongside them.


About Rev'd Lynsayhttps://revdlynsay.wordpress.comA priest and poet in the Scottish Episcopal Church, exploring the workings of the Holy Spirit in Banchory .

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