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Conversations in Coronatide

The Scottish Episcopal Church decided, the week before lockdown began, that the best way to love its adherents and their families was to close church buildings to public worship, encouraging people to stay at home. This decision has been understood in many ways, from over-cautious… Read More

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Dementia and Christianity… a thought to chew on.

As a hospital chaplain, I spent many hours alongside people whose brains were deteriorating such that memory and cognition were no longer central to the way in which they encountered the world. As I watched people with advanced dementia sing and worship, I could not help but be caught up in the deep mystery of what it might mean to worship Jesus when you have forgotten who he is. Holding the hand of someone with advanced dementia and coming to realise that they are not someone who “used to be”, but someone who is important in the present and indeed has a vocation was, to say the least, humbling, challenging and quite beautiful.

John Swinton

Becoming Friends of Time


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On being a myrrh-bearer…

*** Meditation Mondays *** Meditation Mondays *** Today the Astonishing Community remembers Mary Salome, the Myrrh Bearer. Salome was one of the women disciples of Jesus. According to Orthodox tradition, she was the daughter of St. Joseph the Betrothed and his first wife (who was also… Read More