Refreshing the Astonishing Community

Over recent months you may have noticed a decided slump in activity here at the Astonishing Community. During that time I’ve moved house; taken up a new charge; had my husband go through two operations; helped my daughter start a new school and one son start college. Hopefully our other son will soon be living close-by too! With all the appropriate supports in place, I’ve finally had a chance to take a breath and look outwards again.

As I’ve done that I’ve realised that there’s a lot I’d like to be doing with the Astonishing Community. Over the next year, here in Banchory, I hope we will begin to see one of its physical forms emerge. We also have an Astonishing role to play in the Scottish Episcopal Church’s year of Pilgrimage (2021), where we will be providing a way to access the pilgrimage experience for people who, for many different reasons, are unable to engage in a physical pilgrimage.

In the meantime, I’d like to broaden the scope of this blog. It was always my intention to mix stories of honoured saints with stories of saints simply living today. I’m not sure how well I’ve been meeting my own brief. So, from this evening you can expect to see posts on the Astonishing Community Site, following this weekly pattern:

Meditation Mondays

Tips on Tuesdays

Wednesday Wonders

Theology Thursdays

Folk on Friday

Saints on Saturday

Naturally, Sunday is a day of rest. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the new format. Contributions are always welcome, should you feel so inclined.