Get involved

In this first year of the Astonishing Community there are two ways in which you might get involved.

The first is by taking a year to pray with us. The community needs to start somewhere. I believe it begins with prayer. I tried all sorts of written liturgies with art, music, video etc. to include different people. I eventually realised that for centuries people literate and not, sighted and not, hearing and not have prayed with beads. On the community prayers page we have suggestions of how to use each decade for a specific intention, whether you use the Jesus prayer, the Lord’s prayer or the chant Hannah Haynes and I have written.

The second is by helping us to create an on-line library of resources for worship, prayer and education. If the community is ever to gather together for prayer; if their intentions are to be incorporated into mainstream liturgies or the ways in which people of all neurodiversities have shown the glory of God we need to share the stories of saints from across the ages, including our own.

Here on the website, there is a calendar of saints (catholic, orthodox, celtic and episcopal) that highlight the diversity of people God’s glory has shone through, inspiring us to prayer. Each day one will be highlighted through:
written reflection /  original art or craft / music or song / movement captured on video… or  whatever  else the community might create.  If you would like to contribute, simply choose a saint whose life interests you (most can be found with a simple Google search) and leave a comment in the box at the bottom of the page stating the saint/date and medium you intend to offer. We can then indicate that someone is working on this.
Please do get involved!