A Neurodiverse Calendar of Saints: May

  1. Philip and James, Apostles
  2. Athanasius
  3. Prophet Jeremiah
  4. Isidora the Fool of Tabenna
  5. Sophia the Righteous
  6. Righteous Job the Long-suffering
  7. Anthony of Siya
  8. Julian of Norwich
  9. Prophet Isaiah
  10. Simon Zelotes, APOSTLE
  11. Irene of Thessalonica
  12. Epiphanios 
and Germanos
  13. Serapion the Sindonite
  14. Matthias, Apostle
  15. Isidore the Fool-for-Christ and Wonder-worker of Rostov
  16. Pachomius the Great
  17. Joan of Arc
  18. Musa the Maiden
  19. Theodotus of Ancyra 
and seven virgin-martyrs
  20. Thalelaeus of Aegae and those with him
  21. Euphrosyne, Princess of Polotsk
  22. Symeon Stylites (the Younger) 
of the Wonderful Mountain
  23. Righteous Melchizedek, king of Salem.
  24. Isidore of Chios
  25. Ascension Day
  26. Irene of Thessalonica
  27. Theodora and Didymus
  28. Nicetas the Confessor of Chalcedon
  29. John of Ustiug, Fool-for-Christ
  30. Macrina, grandmother of St Basil
  31. The Visit of Mary to Elizabeth