Support the Astonishing Community

The Astonishing Community does not have many overheads but we would like to be able to commission artists and musicians and charities working with people who use art and music as therapy to work on telling some of our saintly stories.

Some of you might like to show your sense of belonging to this Astonishing Community by wearing one of our enamel pin badges. The price of £2 covers production costs, but if you were able to increase your payment to £5 or £10, you would be helping to set projects in motion that would enable people with profound learning disabilities to contribute stories, art and music to the Astonishing Community Blog.

Astonishing Enamel Pin Badge.

This beautifully crafted version of our logo will be both a secret handshake and a conversation starter. It will also help us to work with those in our community who need some support to find their voices.



Crowd-fund Astonishing Community Projects.

As described above you can help to crowd-fund projects that will help some members of the community with profound learning difficulties to find ways to express the stories that mean something to them.