In Advent 2017, the astonishing community was born in prayer. This is a community of people who recognise themselves to be clay and God to be our potter; we are indeed the work of God’s hands…

We are the work of God’s hands not only when we are born neurotypical and without noticeable physical difficulties or mental health issues; we are the work of God’s hands with all these weird and wonderful blessings – no stranger than the broken hip granted to Israel.

At different times and in different parts of the church people’s idiosyncrasies have been allowed to show God’s purpose for the world. Christians have recognised God at work in the vulnerabilities of some and the strength of others. In an age running after idols of progress, wealth and perfection, let us repent, let us return to God and ask the potter to show us the delights of the endless variety in creation.

This is a virtual gathering place for a community who celebrate, pray and give thanks
for the blessings and insights of:


  • those who perceive the world in different sensory terms to most.
  • all who long for acceptance, who seek a place to belong.
  • all who live in chronic pain


Our constant prayer will be:
Gracious God, help us to remember that we are cradled in your loving hand,
developing alongside our brother, Jesus
and gifted with life by your Holy breath.


If you would like to find out what this means please look at our Get involved! page.