What is neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is a way of describing the fact that we exist in a world where people’s brains interpret information in a variety of different ways. Many people are neuro-typical (their brains function in a more or less mainstream way, so the world is designed to work for them). Others have quirkier ways of interpreting and assimilating information perhaps because their brains process information in autistic, ADHD/ADD, dyslexic, bipolar or other atypical ways. Six senses may respond atypically for any one person. Some may experience only one atypicality, whilst others will experience multiple atypicalities.

These symbols have been developed by the BBC and Manchester University, to represent Neurodiversity.These atypicalities may be recognised more easily now, but have existed throughout history. In our prayers we will reflect on the lives of saints from right across the neurodiverse community, whilst in our celebration blogs, we will delight in our contemporaries who bring us new insights into God and the world God created so wonderfully.

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